Cold Snap – Cool Hat

Cold Snap Cool Hat

Cold Snap Cool Hat

The Cold Snap – Cool Hat Conundrum

So…it was cold this morning! I try to ride my bike almost every day to the office. It is only about a 2 mile trek each way, so no big deal. Right??? Love the spring and fall as the temperature is generally perfect. This morning however, as I was heading out in the wee hours of predawn, I realized it was cold! Like 37° COLD SNAP kind of cold! But, not to worry, I had my cold weather gear; long bike pants-check, warm jersey-check, insulated riding jacket-check, full gloves-check, cold weather beanie-chec…k, whaaaat? Where is my beanie? Couldn’t find it anywhere! I can’t ride without my beanie! One, I wouldn’t look cool, two my ears would freeze…hello??  I knew I should have ordered my Taylor McKeen Shelton Foundation Beanie! To make a long story short, my ears were not happy. So when I got to the office I ordered my TMSF beanie and then quickly photo shopped it on to my head so that I could at least pretend to have cool headgear while I waited for mine to arrive. Don’t get caught out in the cold without yours! Click or Tap on the picture below to get your Cool TMSF beanie and support the Taylor McKeen Shelton Foundation along with the



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